California Coastal Commission

Notice of Availability of 1994 Coastal Zone Aerial Photography

March 22, 1996

Mission Summary and Status

Recent vertical aerial photographic coverage of the California Coastal Zone was obtained in a mission conducted between February 21, 1994 and March 16, 1994 by the Photogrammetry Division of the National Geodetic Survey (NGS). The photography has a nominal scale of 1:24,000 (approximately 1 inch equals 2000 feet) with individual frames covering an area approximately 11.6 square miles in size. Both color negative and panchromatic infrared film types were used.

The 5 accompanying maps depict the flight line numbers and locations for the color negative coverage. Consisting of 129 flight lines, and covering the entire 1100 mile mainland coastline as well as selected offshore islands, the California mission is the largest ever undertaken by NGS. Of the 129 color-negative flight lines planned, 116 lines were captured. The remaining 13 lines of color negative photography were rescheduled for later acquisition. The lines obtained provide coverage primarily along the coast from the U.S. border with Mexico to north of Cape Mendocino, and include the Channel Islands.

Photographic requirements for Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) panchromatic infrared coverage consisted of 57 flight lines, 38 of which were secured. The remaining 19 flight lines were rescheduled due to tide window requirements. Flight line maps and charts for the Pan IR coverage will be added to this site in the near future.

Ordering Information

Color-negative Photography

Orders for photography can be made using the accompanying form and must include both flight line(s) and frame number(s). To determine the photograph frame numbers for an area of interest, first identify the proper flight line on the accompanying maps. Then, using the charts, select the correct frame numbers by determining the latitude and longitude for the area of interest.

An order form for this photography is available at this site or can be obtained from the Coastal Commission's Technical Services Unit.

Panchromatic Infrared Photography

A packet containing ordering information (flight line maps, charts showing dates, film type, scale, etc.) for panchromatic infrared photography is available from the Coastal Commission's Technical Services Unit.

For additional information or further clarification, please contact the Coastal Commission's Energy, Ocean Resources, and Technical Services Division at (415) 904-5240. Faxed inquiries may be sent to the Coastal Commission at (415) 904-5400.

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