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Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. -- Go to his site!

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Funds directly benefit coastal conservation, education, and recreation programs.

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The Seventh Edition, now fully revised, contains expanded information on 1,150+ public access areas.

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Coastal Cleanup Day

Join your friends and neighbors for the 30th annual California Coastal Cleanup Day on Saturday, September 20th. There are over 800 locations to choose from in California's largest volunteer event of the year! Learn more.

Sea-Level Rise

Commission staff is in the process of updating the Draft Sea-Level Rise Policy Guidance in response to comments. It is anticipated that a revised draft will be presented to the Commission in the fall. For more information, visit the SLR Guidance page.

Martins Beach Survey

The Commission is seeking to document possible historic rights of public access at Martins Beach in San Mateo County, CA. Press Release. To fill out the Prescriptive Rights Survey please click here. To see the background exhibits click here. To receive a survey form by mail, contact MartinsBeachPRS@coastal.ca.gov


Reducing Ship Strikes to Whales

The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary ("CINMS") Advisory Council has been researching and working towards solutions to the problem of ship strikes in the Santa Barbara Channel since the 2007 deaths of several blue whales. The Commission's South Central Coast District Office staff sits on the Advisory Council...more

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Martins Beach reflects Californians' choice to protect coastal access

Martins Beach owner Vinod Khosla has made a series of wild charges against the California Coastal Commission, including coercion and unfair treatment. Khosla purchased a property near Half Moon Bay that has had a long and obvious use by the public...more

Public Education Program 2013 Annual Report

Education is an important feature of an effective Coastal Program. In the California Coastal Act, the California Legislature declared "an educated and informed citizenry is essential to the well-being of a participatory democracy and is necessary to protect California's finite natural resources, including the quality of its environment"...more

Coastal Stewardship

Make a difference for our coast and ocean through everyday choices, wherever you may be. Join your friends and neighbors in becoming a Coastal Steward. Find out how you can help.

Green Building

Did you know that the California Coastal Commission offers a 40% discount on permit application fees for green building projects? Find out how.

Coastal Program Policy

Briefings such as the Federal Consistency Program Briefing from February 9, as well as previous ones on open meetings, vertical accessways, wetlands, and the Coastal Act.

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