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2019 Coastal Art & Poetry Contest Winners


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Drawing of underwater animals, by Callan Stephen Cheng
Sand Crabs

I dig
I find them
Sometimes they tickle our feet
In the sand
Teeny tiny crabs

We carry them in a sandy
Bucket with water in it
They swim around and make holes
In the sand

We put them back in the ocean

Alexander Martinez
Kindergarten, Redondo Beach


Collage of sea lions, by Caleb Kim
My Friend

I run to greet you
at the edge of your blue, gray, green water.
I run the way you turn.

In the sand I write "I Love You."
Your waves sweep up my words
and into your heart.

You are my friend.
You are the Sanderlings that hop.
You are the Brown Pelicans that swoop in your waves.

You are the Harbor Seals that peek.
You are the Humpback Whales that feast.
You are the sharks hunting.
You are the Spookfish blowing bubbles in the dark.

You are the fine squeaky sand between my toes.
You are the tiny pebbles that poke my feet.
You are kelp.
You are beautiful.

You are plastic.
And for that I am sorry.
I will never stop trying to protect you.
MY Friend.

Rhiannon Hewitt
Grade 2, Fairfax

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Acrylic painting of two children in silhouette holding hands in the surf, sunset in background, by Eden Yuen
The Cliff

Made of ancient rock,
the cliff towers over the ocean.
It stands in the way
of raging waves
that angrily pound on it
like drum sticks
in a never ending beat.
The waves try to force their way inland
and take down the stone giant
but the massive wall holds them back
where they belong.
At least for now.

Xander Mann
Grade 5, San Anselmo

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Acrylic painting of a girl with flowing hair full of ocean creatures, by Isabelle Gonzales
oceans apart

is it too much for you
to brave these rough waters
to brave this storm
it lasts just a moment

i've forgotten pieces of myself
just to get you through the day

is it that easy for you
to let me fall away
like a seagull does
its feathers gone in the wind


i'm on one shore
you're on the other
the boat is yours

and forgotten glances from the moon
all that's between us

and after all this time
the question remains the same

will you use it to reach me
or to head back home

Kelly Chuang
Grade 8, Corte Madera


Watercolor and colored pencil painting of sea lions on a buoy in the waves, the underside of the buoy shown covered in sea life, by Marina Zellers
New Again

I'm rooted deep in the sand,
Alone but cradled by the tides
I know my heart is mending itself as it watches
The royal blues and grapefruit pinks,
Adorned with glittery diamond whites
The ocean is my catharsis,
And my new beginning too

Sophie Zhu
Grade 11, San Jose

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