California Coastal Commission

Right Column

2002 Coastal Art & Poetry Contest Winners


A Wave and the Song of a Shell

I sat on the beach and a beautiful wave
Came tumbling right up to me
It threw some pink shells on the sand at my feet
Then hurried straight back out to sea
It ran away quickly then leaped up in foam
It bumped other waves in its glee
It was hurrying to gather more shells
To bring as a present to me

I held one sea shell to my ear
And listened to its tale
It sang of brilliant water flowers
The bright anemones
That bloom beneath the ocean waves
Tossed in from the seven seas

No longer need I wish to go
Where foam-capped vapors swell
For I have an ocean of my own
Within this pearly shell

           Julia Vitaro, Age 14

        Murky Depths by Ryan Tremblay

Murky Depths
Ryan Tremblay, Age 17


Omas' (Grandma's) Lost Glasses (on a Fish) by River Rees

Omas' (Grandma's) Lost Glasses
River Rees, Age 6.