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2010 Coastal Art & Poetry Contest Winners


Seagull at Rest
"Seagull at Rest"
Hana Yoon
3rd grade, Irvine

"The Ocean"

When I walk upon the ocean sand,
My heart doesn't know where my feet might land.
Waves are splashing on my toes,
The smell of the ocean tickles my nose.
Clouds like marshmallows and whipped cream on pie,
Sprinkled in the cotton candy pink sky.
The sounds of seagulls fill the air,
Wind is waltzing through my hair.
My soul feels free like the ocean's waves,
Soft brown sand fills my mind's darkest caves.
I love the ocean deep and blue,
Strong and honest, powerful, true
         And lovely too...

Uma Durairaj
3rd grade, La Cañada

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"What Used to Be"

Every wave that hits the shore
Tells of something not there anymore.

With every bottle thrown into the sea
I have another thought of what used to be.

I'll try to help, although I'm small
It's better than doing nothing at all,

Let's join together and make a big band
Of many, many helping hands.

Every creature and every fish
Has one very common wish:

To join together and help the sea
And make it like it used to be.

McKenna Jackson
5th grade, Danville

Relax on the Beach
"Relax on the Beach"
Michelle Askar
6th Grade, Playa Del Rey

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In the secret world
That few have seen
And many have only dreamed
I swim

Through lenses
I see
And through tubes
I breathe

The silent world of water
With its beautiful creatures
Of oranges and grays

I dive deep
And feel cold

I choose my guide
From many kinds
Of writhing fish
And follow

Then marvel at the silence
Of the mystical world
That few have seen
And many have only dreamed

Aaron Balin
8th grade, Chula Vista

Strolling Along the Bay
"Strolling Along the Bay"
Jennifer Chen
8th Grade, Union City

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GRADES 10-12

Otter Portrait
"Otter Portrait"
Brittani Diehl
12th Grade, Hollister


What gifted deity dreamed up this place?
How many mouthful's of sea water created this taste?
What fishermens' catch emit this smell?
What series of waves produced this swell?

Whose intuitive eye placed these mountains?
Was Neptune's revelation these blue-green oceans?
Which ray of sun warms my back?
What colors does this landscape lack?

Beneath this sunset, blissfully
What better home could there be?

Carolina Beltran
11th grade, Santa Barbara

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