Photo is half above water and half below. Above water a grove of Monterey pines can be seen against a gray sky, while below water a group of transparent salps float among kelp fronds.

First Place Winner
Two Worlds
Twin-sailed Salps in Point Lobos State Park, Carmel
Bruce Sudweeks

Photo of a snowy egret in mid-air with wings spread out. It appears it's about to be attacked from behind by another snowy egret.

Second Place Winner
Snowy Egrets in Morro Bay
Ronnie Goyette

Photo of a vibrant orange intertidal nudibranch.

Third Place Winner
Deep Reef Color
Sterns' Aeolid in Channel Islands National Park, Anacapa Island
Douglas Klug

Photo of a brown pelican sitting on a rock. Its wings are wrapped around its body with only its eyes and head showing.

Honorable Mention
Hidden From View
Brown Pelican in La Jolla Cove, San Diego
Jeff Nigro

Photo of a tern feeding its chick a small fish on the shoreline.

Honorable Mention
Breakfast is Served
Common Terns in Elkhorn Slough
Jean Zuo

Photo of By-the-wind Sailors (velella velella) on a beach with one mirroring the shadows of Morro Rock.

Honorable Mention
Where the Wind Takes Them
By-the-wind Sailors on Morro Strand State Beach
Jill Matyuch

Photo of a sea otter floating on its back as it eats a clam.

Honorable Mention
Sea otter consuming his/her catch
Elkhorn Slough
Susie Kelly

Photo of the milky way with the ocean and a shipwreck appearing above the horizon.

Honorable Mention
The Milky Way and SS Palo Alto
Seacliff State Beach
Ricky Pan

Photo of a snowy plover chick looks at the camera as it stands in sparse vegetation on the beach.

Honorable Mention
Western Snowy Plover Chick
Huntington State Beach, Huntington Beach
Michelle Velasco

Photo of a shipwreck at low tide with its reflection appearing in the shallow water below.

Honorable Mention
Inverness Shipwreck
Tomales Bay, Point Reyes National Seashore
Jeff Nigro

Photo of a snowy plover chick nestled in the sand with its beak tucked in.

Honorable Mention
Sleeping Beauty
Snowy Plover in Half Moon Bay
Jean Zuo

A bright orange Garibaldi looking at the camera as it swims below a kelp forest.

Honorable Mention
The Greeter
Garibaldi in Channel Islands National Park, Anacapa Island
Douglas Klug

Photo of aggregating anemones with retracted tentacles.

Honorable Mention
Aggregating Anemone
MacKerricher State Park, Fort Bragg
Rupert Chambers

Photo of a snowy plover walking along the shoreline with the ocean in the background.

Honorable Mention
Snowy Plover on Monterey Bay
Richard James

Photo of round rocks on the beach with an incoming tide in the background.

Honorable Mention
Mendocino Concretions
Bowling Ball Beach, Point Arena
Eric Engles