Checking in for Coastal Cleanup Day

California Coastal Cleanup Day

If volunteers are the heart and soul of Coastal Cleanup Day, then sponsors are the backbone of the event. Lending strength and stability to the Coastal Cleanup Day Program, sponsors provide financial and promotional support and committed volunteers, which has allowed Coastal Cleanup Day to gain tremendous momentum throughout the state over the past 37 years. Our sponsors are crucial partners in helping to raise awareness and educate Californians about the need for healthy marine ecosystems. We work side by side in our ongoing efforts to find solutions to marine pollution.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of California Coastal Cleanup Day, please contact Eben Schwartz, (415) 904-5210. Learn more about sponsor opportunities in our Sponsorship Packet.



CG Roxane LLC is a proud sponsor of California Coastal Cleanup Day. Since 2008, CG Roxane LLC has provided essential funding and donations of water for cleanup volunteers across the state.

Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water by CG Roxane is the only major U.S. spring water bottled exclusively at the spring source. Why is it so important to bottle at the source? Simply put, not only does it make for better freshness, purity and taste, but it is also better for the environment. Other bottled water companies truck their waters from multiple sources where it is blended at a centralized processing plant—a wasteful process which is susceptible to contamination and quality issues. Whereas, Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring is the only major bottled water company that bottles exclusively right at the spring source. There is a difference.



Oracle has sponsored California Coastal Cleanup Day since 1995 and is proud to be a long-standing supporter of California's coastal environment. Oracle is committed to using its technology and resources to protect the environment, advance education, and enrich community life. Through a combination of grants, sponsorships, and volunteer support, Oracle works to improve the quality of life in the communities where it does business. For more than 24 years, Oracle employees have donated their time and talents to benefit the communities where they live and work. Last year, almost 22,000 Oracle employees volunteered more than 80,000 hours to support nearly 800 community projects in 48 countries.


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