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Sponsored by the California Coastal Commission, the Thank You Ocean Campaign, and Hilton.

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Announcing the Winners of the 2018 Contest! See them all

Kelp among jellies underwater, by Bruce Sudweeks

Judges' Winner: Kelp, Point Lobos, by Bruce Sudweeks

Photo of rock arch at Pfeiffer Beach with sun setting in the arch, by Pankaj Bhargava

Viewers' Choice Winner: Star at Sunset, Pfeiffer Beach, by Pankaj Bhargava

Advice for Taking Pictures

"Here's a central and obvious principle about photography that is sometimes overlooked even by some veteran photographers — that it's about light. Light makes the image. All cameras, whether film-based or digital are wonders of technology but they don't have a clue about subject; they're designed to transmit and register light and a range of its qualities.

It's true that the history of photography is filled with examples in which the subject and not the light is what the viewer's attention is drawn to and many of those images are powerful and memorable. In photojournalism, for example, when the urgency of an event takes precedence over art, the photographer may not have the time or the interest in waiting for the right light. But amongst the most memorable of those images, the ones that put a lump in your throat are those in which the light was a significant and descriptive player. So think about the subject but shoot the light."

  - Malcolm Lubliner, Photographer

Timothy Wong Photo of a photographer

Photo contest entries may be used in Coastal Commission web pages, publications, and products. Past contest photos have been used to produce a set of greeting cards; a screensaver; and coastal access guides for southern California, central California, the San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay regions, and California’s north coast.