Descriptions of California Coastal Commission Email Lists

Beach Cleanups and Public Education General Interest:
Learn about volunteer opportunities, public contests, coastal stewardship, and more.

Educator Announcements:
Learn about curricular resources, education grants, student contests, and other opportunities.

Environmental Justice:
Receive updates about activities at the Commission involving environmental justice, including information on the Commission’s environmental justice policy, programs, projects, grants and meetings, as well as environmental justice activities at other agencies.

King Tides Project:
Learn about a community science project each winter to photograph the highest tides of the year, helping us visualize future sea level rise.

Local Coastal Program Grants:
For local governments to receive notifications of upcoming LCP grant rounds and related subjects.

Monthly Public Meeting Agenda Notification:
Receive a monthly email about California Coastal Commission public meetings.

Sea Level Rise:
Receive updates on the Coastal Commission's sea level rise policy guidance and related subjects.

Whale Tail Grants:
Receive announcements relating to the Coastal Commission's coastal education and stewardship grants program.