California Coastal Commission

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2006 Coastal Art & Poetry Contest Winners

“Jelly! Jellyfish” by Judy Kim

"Jelly! Jellyfish"
Judy Kim


Poem by Shasta Ramachandran, Grade 2
Shasta Ramachandran
Grade 2


Day at the Beach by Igor Fedotov
"Day at the Beach"
Igor Fedotov
Grade 6


Life in the Pacific by Deborah Liao

"Life in the Pacific"
Deborah Liao
Grade 6


The Coast and I


where we both call home

through the fog I heard your calls

whispers, echoes that some times roared

an open arm you extended

dangling mysteries to explore

from rock to rock I played with you

wave by wave you slipped away

an ever changing form

ever lasting presence




Bo Yan Moran
Grade 6

 Morro Gulls by Michaelynne Whitsitt
"Morro Gulls"
Michaelynne Whitsitt
Grade 9


Glass Beach
(Near Fort Bragg)

I have seen the polished glass
Of countless bottles; shards of green
Clumped together; a tumbling mass
Creating a majestic scene

I have seen the claim that nature made
On pieces of glass
Now seeming jade
Thrash to treasure from the past

I have seen what nature has done
Washing the beach; again and again
Turning the beach into clumps of fun
A visual memory for one to gain

I have seen the power of the of the wave
To crush the mighty rocks to sand
To tumble break, transform, and save
The shining gem that's in my hand

Austin Humble
Grade 7

Quizzical Bird, Guardian of the Pleasant Egg by Micahel Ball
"Quizzical Bird, Guardian of the Pleasant Egg"
Daniel Ball
Grade 12

"Advice" Poem by Ryan Luecke
Ryan Luecke
Grade 12