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2006 Coastal Art & Poetry Contest Honorable Mentions

"Sea Turtle" by Theo Saarinen
“Sea Turtle”
Theo Saarinen
Grade 1

When I Am In The Sea

When I am in the sea I am as acrobatic as a dolphin,
Jumping out of the water and diving to the sandy ocean floor.
The waves sway me with their laughter,
The tides pull me far away,
Content to take me with them.
I compete and win my way back to shore.

By Nile Verleur
Grade 2

"The Coast" by Daniel Baker

“The Coast”
Daniel Baker
Grade 2

Magical Seashore

At night the seashore is magical.
The water glitters with gold
The sky is dark blue
The dolphins are sleeping.

At dawn the seashore is magical.
The pale blue waves are small
The sky is streaked with pink
The dolphins are jumping.

In daylight the seashore is magical.
The sea is blue-green
The sun shines on the pale sand
The dolphins are leaping.

At sunset the seashore is magical.
The water is blue with pink flakes
The sky is orange and red
The dolphins are resting.

Elizabeth Wynne Bissell
Grade 2


"Shiny Day" by Alison Oh

"Shiny Day"
Alison Oh
Grade 2


"Medusas Full of Grace" by Isabel Xilonen Ortiz
"Medusas Full of Grace"
Isabel Xilonen Ortiz
Grade 2

Ocean Faces

Ocean swaying, white water frothing, gently caressing Earth's bed of sand,
Humidity rises as soft mist swiftly guides seagulls through the air,
Seals become one with the stones, sliding into the cold rocky waters,
Salt and minerals float above the ocean's bosom, dissolving into mud,
Kids play in the murky waters as dogs jump and clench Frisbees,
People tan under brightly colored umbrellas,
Families peak over sparkling white balconies sightseeing,
Suddenly the sun falls behind the mountains as the glistening water darkens,
The moon then comes from where the sun once was, shedding streams of light, making
the water shimmer,
Now all is quiet, even the fish
Not a creature is stirring by the moon's brimming dish.

Danielle Perez
Grade 6


"Malibu Coastline" by Rohith Gopalkrishnan

“Malibu Coastline”
Rohith Gopalkrishnan
Grade 4



Ocean Poem
She's been here since the dawn of time
Her waves slosh gracefully until the dark of night
Then Luna stirs and makes the waves, caused by her pull, to stray away
She can be pleasant or life stealing, but either way, she still redeems
Her beautiful dress stretches out with Luna's pull
Like a bed sheet with fluffy white ruffles
She will remain here 'till time is done; she and Luna moving as one
Sarah Solano
Grade 6

"Curious Otter" by Lily Rogers
"Curious Otter"
Lily Rogers
Grade 6

Little specks of translucent brown,
Flowing with the water,
Daring to drown.
Like brown rice,
They tickle my feet.
A very unpleasant way to meet.
I jump in surprise,
Along with a shriek,
And realize these beings
Are fragile and meek.
I call my friends over,
And as we stare,
The water washes away
The things that were there.
We bring over a pail,
And we all start to grab,
For the things that we call
Baby sand crabs.
Noa Rosenberg
Grade 6

"Sea Turtle" by Madison Fernstrom

"Sea Turtle"
Madison Fernstrom
Grade 6

Shattered Confidence

The anchovies swarm together,
so confident,
A silver river meandering through the endless blue
Out of the dark blue depths,
Like a boxer's fist,
a silent shark,
The Sea-wolf,
darts towards the school,
scattering the tiny fish
into an explosion of disorder.
Doug Martin
Grade 6

"The Lighthouse" by Grace Yoo
"The Lighthouse"
Grace Yoo
Grade 9

Maternal Waters

A rhythmic pulse that speaks of centuries
her breast gently heaves up and down with its own continuous breathing
a massive body of undulating azure blue
Soothed by the tender surge that rushes through her eternal being

Long tumbling crescents of water rise and fall
Buckling beneath themselves in a splendor of white foam
Gracing the shore with long trails of seaweed
Her beauty lingers

As the long rays of the sun inch and dance over the enfolding ripples
Her surface gleams in its golden aura
Long have her waters laid adrift of our lands
Rejoicing and gleaming in her beauty and splendor,
the earth listens

Alina Wattenberg
Grade 8


"Turtle" by Emma Kocina
Emma Kocina
Grade 9


Haiku for the Ocean

Sand along the shore
Individually they are all
Part of something big

Coming in from sea
Waves are rising with the wind
Crashing down in foam

Storm above the waves
Underneath the water's calm
Smooth and slow and quiet

Dancing rays of light
Frame fish like little jewels
In swaying seaweed

Whale drifting slowly
Immense, powerful, peaceful
Singing a slow song

Bits of sun and sky
Of stars and earth, fire and wind
Form the great oceans

Kaitlin Foley
Grade 8


Untitled Picture by Tiffany Hu
Tiffany Hu
Grade 8


Love Is An Ocean

Your love is as deep as the ocean.
Your arms are as wide as the sea.
Your power is like the rolling waves,
And to my heart you have the key.

God is like the ocean,
So deep and strong and true.
Love comes down from heaven
When the water touches you.

Katie Janzen
Grade 7


"The Coastal Night's Messenger" by Yooka Koreeda
"The Coastal Night's Messenger"
Yuuka Koreeda
Grade 7


As we walk aside the sand
Turquoise waves come in and out
Sand crabs scrambling to hide
Salty taste as I lick my lips
Mist that blows
But can't be felt

Rebekah Tolbert
Grade 7


"A View from Below" by Jasmin Lai
"A View from Below"
Jasmin Lai
Grade 10


"Turtle Wishes" a poem by Nathalia Cruz

Nathalia Cruz
Grade 11


"Expect" by Martina Lo
Martina Lo
Grade 10


First light

Sounds of thunder pounding the sand
Stirring the familiar pounding in my chest
In moments, I will become one
Once again with the primordial
soup of life
That which life all began
Slipping into my protective layer of black
Mesmerized I walk into the perfect mixture of salty liquid
feeling my body relax
Rhythmically the water moves back and forth as if to beckon
Effortlessly swimming along the surface above the dark life giving waters
Instinctually knowing this is past, this is present and this is our future
I am one
I am home

Hana Francisco
Grade 11


Untitled Picture by Hsien-Ping Jenny Cha
Hsien-Ping Jenny Cha
Grade 10

Ocean Beach
Surfer dies off Ocean Beach
Toiling by daily rituals, routines of life,
Wondering when the time would be free,
Free of the boundaries
Yet the waves brought some sort of prosperity
A small glimpse of the rapture filling my lungs
Was this what you had felt during the last seconds?
Danger and excitement mix until either one is recognizable
Sea salt, sand become a part of you
Gliding upon giant mountains of pure, untouched waters
Each moment spent reminiscing
A body washed ashore
Perhaps one more breath of air
Just a pulse somehow, praying for a miracle.
Living on the edge, a way of life that will never change.
A few insignificant words change it all
Like a spider stuck in it's own web,
Surfer dies off Ocean Beach.

Jessica Liu
Grade 10

"Flowing With Nature" by Jayson Ho
"Flowing With Nature"
Jayson Ho
Grade 10