Below you'll find a collection of photos that illustrate the wonderful diversity of sand in coastal California. The California sands below are organized from south to north and are followed by a selection of sand from beyond California. Please let us know what else you'd like to see here.

These images may be useful to educators implementing sand-related lessons in the Waves, Wetlands, and Watersheds science activity guide. (Download sand-related units designed for 4th grade and 6th grade.) Find a list of questions which work well for younger students (and others!) to guide exploration of this page here.

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Sands From Outside of California

Below are a few sands from beyond California. If you have a sample to share, please let us know!


More about Sand!


Exploration Questions

These questions can be answered through writing or speaking, individually or via group discussion.

  • Which sand looks most familiar to you?
  • Which sand is the most colorful? Least colorful? How many colors can you count?
  • Which picture has the biggest pieces of sand? The smallest?
  • Pick two pictures of sand to compare. Name three things that are the same. Name two things that are different.
  • Choose a picture and imagine that you are on that beach. What would you do there? What would you see, hear, smell? What does this sand feel like under your feet?
  • Look at one of the magnified photos. Imagine you are a small creature that lives on the beach, like a beach hopper or a kelp fly. Tell a story about what it would be like for you living on this sand.
  • Choose one of the magnified photos to inspire you to create a drawing or painting of that sand.