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Local Coastal Program Periodic Reviews / ReCAP

Locations of LCP Reviews and ReCAP

LCP Periodic Reviews: Under the California Coastal Management Program, planning for and regulating development in the coastal zone is shared by the Coastal Commission and local jurisdictions: upon completion of a certified Local Coastal Program (LCP), the local government assumes most permitting and planning responsibilities. The Commission retains some jurisdiction over development in the coastal zone. In addition, Section 30519.5 of the Coastal Act requires that the Commission "review every certified local coastal program to determine whether such program is being effectively implemented in conformity with the policies" of the Coastal Act, and recommend corrective actions, where necessary. The local government reviews the recommendations and within one year either takes the recommended action or forwards to the commission a report setting forth its reasons for not taking the recommended action.  The commission then reviews such report and, where appropriate, reports to the Legislature and recommends legislative action necessary to assure effective implementation of the Coastal Act. 

Regional Cumulative Assessment Project (ReCAP): ReCAP evaluates the implementation of California’s California Coastal Management Program (CCMP) through certified LCPs and the effectiveness of the LCPs in addressing cumulative impacts.  ReCAP can focus on reviewing the implementation of one LCP or several within a geographic region. The ReCAP process is designed to evaluate regional trends to resources over time, and the cumulative impacts to those resources. The ReCAP methodology generally follows five general steps: 1) assess on a regional basis the cumulative impacts of development on key coastal resources; 2) analyze major factors contributing to the resource changes identified; 3) project possible future impacts given existing trends; 4) review the implementation of key LCP and Coastal Act policies and procedures; and 5) make recommendations to respond to the regional cumulative problems identified. The ReCAP methodology can be used in the Periodic Review of individual LCPs.